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Laina and The Vamp

 by B.K. Smith

“What is your passion?” the Vampire asked her.

“White,” she replied without hesitation.

“I eat cottage cheese and pot cheese, farmer’s cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, meringue, Reddi-wip, Cool Whip, mashed potatoes, white rice, spring turnips, and I drink non-fat milk and occasionally a Chardonnay—or two.”

The Vampire watched her. Was she kidding? He was expecting something more like jewelry, lingerie, perfume.

“My skin is very pale, you see,” she continued, “I think I’m anemic.”

The Vampire muffled a groan, rolling his eyes in ecstasy. This made Laina unsure. After a noticeable interval, and out of sheer discomfort, she asked him the same question.

Short, fanciful and sometimes tragic novellas