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Best when downloaded onto a tablet or device where you can play with the photographs and expand them in order to travel through them and view the precision inner workings of nature. Look inside a thing and know its wonder. Just like snowflakes, no two dream catchers or dreams are alike. Stick out your tongue and catch one on the very tip. Lick it. Roll it around on your tongue. Awaken your palate. Then take a bigger bite. Worse case, you’ll spit it out. Most likely, you’ll be back. It may take a while. We tend to fight it; it hurts so good. Dreams are sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. But like a rare single malt Scotch in a hand-cut crystal tumbler, you acquire a taste for it. You will want more. You’ll be back. Guaranteed.

Everything you need has already been given to you. All you need to add is a dream. Add dream and shake. Look up. Reach out. Catch a dream, ride a wave. Worse case, you fall out of bed.

Ancient legend originates with the Grandmother Spider who sang the
universe into existence, but was saddened by the dreams of children.

Non-fiction - Expandable ePhotography - Barbara Kennedy

Dream Catchers

 by Barbara Kennedy

Lipstick Mountains Press

A boutique publisher of Arts & Letters & Ideas